Can't Scrub Your Tile Clean?
Afraid of Harming Your Tile's Finish?
Let A&J's Professionals Gently and Effectively Do the Job!

Tile & Grout

Over time there's just no way to avoid the buildup of dirt and grime on floor tiles and grout. Porous tiles in particular can let dirt get so ground in that virtually nothing you do can get it clean.

And then there's the grout. It can pick up dirt and begin to discolor even before the tiles themselves begin to show dirt.

Scrub as you might, most household cleaners just aren't strong enough to do the job. But A&J has the specialized equipment, proper cleaning solutions and the expertise to use them safely to deep clean tile and grout to a like-new finish!

Don't scrub and scowl. Call A&J and let us get your tile and grout like-new clean!